Thursday, January 19, 2012


It was light snow at first.  Now the snow is falling in thick sheets.  Have I waited too long before embarking back home on my bicycle?  There's a chance that might be so.  It's too late now.  So soon I'll be mounted on my bicycle.  I'll be peddling my bike through the falling snow back home.  This wasn't the sort of fate I wanted.  I wanted to be already employed, having my own apartment and owning a car successfully.  I didn't want to be unemployed, living in my Mom's house and riding a bike everywhere.  It's not my intention to ride a bike even through the snow as my only form of transportation.  However, it appears that I'm stuck in this mode.  So soon I'll be riding my bike through the falling snow back home.  Upon reaching home, I'll be eating dinner.  Perhaps I'll watch some television.  I might walk Mom's pet dogs Furby the Furball and Elaina Baina too.  Then I'll go to sleep and dream about a better life when I'm wealthy, having my own home, owning my own car (Or getting a limousine driver if I'm wealthy enough).  Then I'll wake up and realize that I'm still unemployed, living in my Mom's house and dependent on a bike.  The day repeats itself with more job application forms to be filled out.  And so here I'm at.  I'm going backwards instead of forward.  However, there's a light at the end of the long dark tunnel.  Yeah, I keep saying that, but I need to believe that hope is possible.  I pray to GOD for salvation from this unemployment purgatory.   
While I'm filling out job application forms, here are some photos of rock star Gwen Stefani.

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