Saturday, November 22, 2008


There are days like this when I wish that Lexington Park Apartments had an indoor swimming pool instead of an outdoor swimming pool.


Thanksgiving is only three days away. There's still time to figure out all the wonderful events in your life to be thankful for. I always enjoyed Thanksgiving. Yeah, the origins of Thanksgiving is morally questionable, but it's always great to eat a enjoyable feast with family and friends.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I never drove a car since I drove my Honda Accord into a stone fence on Riverside Drive all the way back in 1995. Yeah, I've paid the damage to the stone fence in full back in 1995 so there's no lingering problems. However, there are a number of factors that prevent me from purchasing a replacement car.
1. The Honda Accord did a sumersault first into a tree and then into a stone fence. That's a difficult thing to recover from. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt because I was wearing my seatbelt. However, it still freaks me out.
2. Either my work hours would get gutted or my employers would fire me just when I'm starting to earn a decent paycheck. The end result is always the same. Factors prevent me from being able to save up enough cash for a car.
3. I was planning to wait until my fear of driving subsides a little bit further before I attempt to purchase and drive another car.
4. With the war against Iraq and Afghanistan, gasoline prices are almost $4.00 a gallon. It would be much more sensible to wait until the war in the Middle East is either over or in the process of ending. That way, gasoline would be back to $2.00 a gallon or less---the way it should be.
I will purchase a new car eventually. I still have my drivers license active just in case. I always have hope for the future.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Halloween has come and gone. Now it's time to prepare for Thanksgiving. After that will come Christmas and later New Years Day. It's that time of the year when each month has it's own theme and corresponding holliday. Yet, the cold winter breeze has already graced Columbus, Ohio with it's presence. The cold winter breeze always arrives on time and leaves exactly as scheduled. Yes, summer will return, but we'll have to wait a couple of months before that happens. Although I would like hot weather to be year round, there's also something to be said about variety. It hasn't snowed yet, but it's only a matter of time. Right now, we're just sitting here watching the leaves on the trees change color and fall to the ground.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I've been watching Saturday Night Live comedy skits on the internet. I don't watch Saturday Night Live much and I've been hearing a lot about the Sarah Palin comedy skits. I was curious about the Sarah Palin comedy skits so I checked it out. At any rate Barak Obama has been elected president. The first African-American president. It's a good day for registered Democrats like me when another Democrat has been elected to the United States Presidency.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm Caucasion. My biologic father is from Luthuanian-Russian orgin. My biologic mother's family came America on the Mayflower. Not much is known about my father's side of the family. Great Great Grandfather Elius lived near Vilnius, Luthuania. He had several children, but the two I know about are Benjiman Kaplan and Israel Kaplan. Benjiman Kaplan stayed behind. Israel Kaplan escaped Russia to avoid getting drafted in the Czar's army. Most of the Kaplan family enjoyed being one of several staff members of the Czar family's medical team. As a result, special benifits were enjoyed in an otherwise bleak fudal environment. It depends on who you're talking to. Aunt Ellen always insisted that Bessie Kaplan had always been Bessie Kaplan and Grandpa had always been Max Victor Kaplan. My biologic Father digged around Ellis Island and never found Bessie or Max in the register. He did found Rebecca Goldberg and Mordichi Kaplan who matched the discription instead. Anyway, Israel escaped Russia in the basement of an ocean liner first. Bessie Kaplan (aka Rebecca Goldberg) and Grandfather Max Victor Kaplan (aka Mordichi Kaplan) escaped Russia in a cattle boat later. Elius Kaplan, Shana Kaplan and Benjiman Kaplan died in the Nazi Holocaust when Hitler invaded Luthuania. Benjiman Kaplan shot and killed the commanding officer of the Nazi invading army at point blank range and died in the torture chamber when he refused to reveal who he was working for.
Israel Kaplan first worked in the laundry then opened a Jewish deli restaurant. Aside from Grandpa, he also produced Harry Kaplan, Hymie Kaplan, Herman Kaplan, Ann Kaplan and Celia Kaplan. Harry Kaplan married Sylvia Kaplan and produced Roger Kaplan and Margie Kaplan. Roger Kaplan married Patricia Kaplan and produced Aaron Kaplan, Caitlin Kaplan and Zachery Kaplan.
Grandpa (Max Victor Kaplan) married Mae Kaplan. First he worked for a drug store, but he was fired because He refused to sweep the floor. After watching the film Winterset in the movie theater, Mae told him that he'll never work for anybody else ever again. With Frank Deluca as a business partner, Grandpa opened two drug stores on the border between Manhatten and Harlem. He opened a third drug store in mount Vernon. Frank Deluca opened a drug store alone somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Grandpa eventually disolved the partnership when Frank Deluca was embezzing goods and possibly money from both of the drug stores he co-owened with Grandpa. He eventually retired from owning drug stores and sold all three. After working in the pharmacy in a hospital eventually settled to a life of relaxation. Grandpa aspired to be a writer, but the great american novel always escaped him.
Grandpa (Max Victor Kaplan) and Grandma (Mae Kaplan) produced my biologic father (doctor Paul Elius Kaplan) and Aunt Ellen Kaplan. Aunt Ellen married David Levy, but never had children. Uncle David is a medical doctor. Aunt Ellen teaches art and works as a painter. Some of her art have been sold for a profit. My biologic father married my biologic Mom (Doctor Candia Kaplan). Biologic Dad is a physical rehabilitation doctor. My biologic Mom is a psychologist. Biologic Dad and Biologic Mom produced three children before they divorced and remarried other people. Biologic Dad married Marni and has a step-son from the remarriage. Biologic Mom married Dave Brown and has ten step-children from the remarriage. I'm the oldest of three children. My name is Steven Post Hitchcock. My younger sisters are Heather Kaplan and Danielle Kaplan. Heather had a one night stand with somebody who was never identified and produced my brother/nephew Mitchel Colby Hitchcock. Biologic Dad and Biologic Mom legally adopted Mitchel as their child. Danielle Kaplan married Tom Richards. The engagement lasted four and a half years. The mariage lasted four years. It ended when he had an extra-marital affair. When Dani asked him about it, he responded by smashing apart the telephone. She left him and never looked back. After a temporary rebound relationship with Mike Crapson, Danielle Kaplan married Jim Siders. Danielle Siders and Jim Siders produced two children Jenny Lou Siders and Danny James Siders.
Anyway, that's the family tree on my biologic father's side of the family.