Monday, April 30, 2012


So who invented scrambled eggs?  That's something that I always wondered.  I researched the topic of scrambled eggs on the Internet and found nothing about who invented this tasty breakfast meal.  I mean, did somebody accidentally spill a broken egg on the way to the Stone Age version of the trash can and spilled the contents on some rock nearby the campfire.  Being too lazy to scrape off the egg, realized that it was tasty and shared it with everybody he/she shared his/her stone age cave with?  Or was there some other way that scrambled eggs were invented.  Whoever invented scrambled eggs is forever shrouded in autonomy and that's a shame.  Because whoever invented scrambled eggs had the potential of going down in history as one of the greatest cooks in the universe.  Who invented scrambled eggs will forever go down as one of the greatest mysteries ever---Right there along with who invented the wheel, who invented cooking over fire and who stone tools.  I guess there are some mysteries that we'll never truly know the answer to.  Oh well, such things happen.


While I'm lost in thought about scrambled eggs, here are some photos of sexually seductive film and television actress Cobie Smulders.


I try to live a life that's free of anger.  This is the way I see it.  There will always be people who will irritate you.  There will always be people who will drive you bonkers with exasperation.  You will wonder in vain how such people could function on a normal day to day basis and live with themselves in the morning.  And try as you might to change them, some of those irritating people will never respond.  You could spend your entire life raging against those people and squander your life in hostility.  You will miss out on how wonderful life can be.  You will miss out on the simple pleasures you could witness.  You will drive away and isolate people who are in a position to help you out in the journey of life.  And in the end, you will die bitter, alone, isolated and hated.  The dark angery person has won because you allowed that dark anger person to win.  Or you could enjoy a life that's free of anger and fear.  When you realize that anger and fear isn't a natural emotion that you're born with, life becomes so much better.  By refusing to feel anger and fear, you are free to experience all the pleasures that life has to offer.  And if you meet an irritating person, don't fall into their trap and start acting like them.  But try to show them a better way of living by getting rid of the anger and fear that the irritating person refuses to get rid of.  Even if you save one person, it's one step closer towards utopia.

While I'm thinking about the philosophy, here are some photos of sexually seductive film actress Elizabeth Olsen. 


Would I ever agree to star in a talk show?  It depends on the type of talk show.  Daytime talk shows require either a stand up comedy monologue or a very serious speech about a very important topic.  Normally, daytime talk shows is about ordinary people with very serious problems that are never solved.  You see a tiny glimpse of the psychological trama of an ordinary person, but you never see the begining of the crises and you never see it's end.  Then the daytime talk show ends with a professional expert (Who's more often than not has a book and/or film to promote related to the crises.  The trama of the ordinary person becomes an excuse to sell you that book and/or film).  However, daytime talk shows can do celebrity interviews too.  Nighttime talk shows are different.  Nighttime talk shows are only celebrity interviews and nothing else.  Nighttime talk shows only starts with a comedy monologue and nothing else.  Nighttime talk shows always follow the same script.  You don't need a sidekick when doing a nighttime talk show, but it helps.  First, there's the monologue.  Then there's either a skit or a silly goofy antic.  Then there's three celebrity interviews and a rock star performance.  It helps to have a backup band to play music between comercial breaks.  You don't need a backup band for the daytime talk show.  So the question still stands.  Would I do a talk show if given the chance.  I'm not significant enough to anchor a talk show.  And even if I were significant enough to anchor a talk show, I probably would try other venues of the entertainment industry first. 

While I'm lost in thought about daytime talk shows and nighttime talk shows, here are some photos of sexy film and television actress Rose McGowan.