Wednesday, February 29, 2012


And the clock keeps ticking.  Morning drifted into afternoon.  Afternoon drifted to night.  Daylight was replaced by night.  I'm unemployed, but my bicycle is fixed.  So while I'm unemployed, I can transport myself from one place to another without problems.  Though having a fixed bicycle won't solve my unemployment problems, at least now I can travel to my place of employment once it's found.  There was a time when I read comic books, but I don't read such stories anymore.  Among the comic books I once read were stories in which a normal salt of the earth person was partially hijacked by a vengeance demon such as The Demon, The Spectre and possible Ghost Rider being the most noticeable.  Actually, that's the only vengeance demon hijacking a normal human being stories that I can think of.  Normally, you have a male vengeance demon hijacking a male host.  I'm not sure if I ever seen a story in which a female vengeance demon hijacking a female host.  Only the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured a twenty-two episode maximum temporary villain named Glory Glorificus as a female vengeance demon Goddess hijacking a likeable male host named Ben. 
It's one thing for a male vengence demon hijacking a male host. It's another thing for a female vengeance demon hijacking a female host.  At least the clothing is compatible.  What happens when you have a female vengeance demon goddess such as Glory Glorificus hijacking a male host.  The clothing isn't compatible.  What happens if Ben grows facial hair such as a beard or mustache.  Then Glory Glorificus will have facial hair while shifting.  There is another question about Glory Glorificus the female vengeance demon goddess hijacking Ben the male born host in the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  What happens if Glory Glorificus becomes pregnant, but Ben being born male doesn't have compatable body parts.  What happens to the unborn fetus when it becomes time for Ben to make use of the physical body he's roommating with Glory Glorificus?  What happens if Glory Glorificus becomes a radical feminist while Ben becomes addicted to Friday the 13th horror films?  The fact that Glory Glorificus the female vengeance demon goddess and Ben the male host are sharing and roommates with the same body will become rather awkward.  However, such questions is hypothetical.  A female vengeance demon goddess and a male host sharing the same body only happens in the Fifth Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and nowhere else. 

While I'm busy researching vengence demon lore and filling out job application forms for minimum wage fast food employment, here are some photos of Canadian rock star Sarah McLachlan.