Saturday, July 30, 2011


Admit it, you always wanted to look at some photos of Tori Amos. The daughter of a Methodist clergyman, she was born under the name Myra Ellen Amos, but she later legally changed her name to Tori Amos. She is half Caucasian and half Cherokee Native American Indian. I own all of her albums and I'm waiting with anticipation for her next album.

As for me, since I'm both employed in minimum wage employment and currently unemployed, I can't rock the boat too much. Future employers could be look at this internet blog the same time that you're reading this. Therefore, this can't be something that would make me forever unemployable. There's a thin line between free expression and scaring off future employers. I pray to GOD that I'm walking the fine line properly in such a way that I'll be employed again in minimum wage employment before the end of the year. Right now, my only source of income is unemployment compensation from the Department of Jobs and Family Services. It's been that way since February 28, 2011. I pray to GOD that I'll be employed again. With luck, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm filling out lots of job application forms. Yes, I admit that 2011 has been one of the most frustrating years of my life. However, I'm still an optimist. I'd like to think that 2012 is going to be even better than the year 2011.


In case you are wondering, there are some photos of Scarlett Johansson placed above this paragraph. And for your reading pleasure, I shall offer a reenactment of one of the most important moments in religious history. This is the story of a prophet who is also a GOD. So here we are. There is a huge posse out to get Jesus Christ. Instead of running for his life, he holds Passover seder. I never understood why he needed to wash the feet of all twelve of his disciples feet. And when he knew that Judas Iscariot was going to betray him, why he didn't kick Judas iscariot out of his group and made group plans without the traitor's involvement. More to the point, instead of running for his life out of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ went into a garden to pray for several hours. Sorry, but Jesus Christ reaction towards the possiblity of getting arrested for heresy appears to be rather lackluster. This is supposed to be an aspect of the same diety who created the Earth, the heavens and everything within seven days. And in the New Testiment, it's taking that same diety (In the son format) forever to run away from an angry rioting mob. Why is a diety who was so brave and arrogant in creating everything in the shortest span of time possible (Only seven days folks) is suddenly starting to waffle like a coward? Anyway, Jesus Christ rose from the grave within three days and died a second time after only one. In theory, his second (Or is it his third since he already rose and vanished within twenty-four hours) will also be the end of this Earth and the creation of a second Earth. I'm not sure how a diety who vowed never to commit genocide against the planet Earth to Noah would betray that same promise in the Book of Revelations. Sorry for the heresy, but there are aspects of Christianity that I never understood. I wish I better understood the Christian faith, but I still have unanswered questions.