Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Gentle Reader, perhaps the entire month of July 2012 was a dream we both had last night.  Perhaps the past forty-four years was a fake sideways world travesty that never was created.  Let's converge at Church and we can bring back the missing tropical island.  The missing tropical island is key to all these memories that we've been having that has no links to the world we're living in.  Or perhaps we're all starting to lose it ourselves.  There are empty wooden boxes that exist as a metaphor.  We need to close a few business and ship them off to China.  It's never known why Chinese Communism hates labor unions and we don't bother to ask anyway.  We close our eyes to what Chinese Communism to it's own people.  Our own personal dislikes for Chinese Communism won't stop us from shipping jobs to that country anyway.  There is a bright light emerging from a church.  The bright light originated from a cave in the missing tropical island on an alternate reality.  Needlessly, to say, I'm still trying to figure out the sixth season of the television series Lost and I still have no idea why the Sideways World Continuity needed to be there.
Anyway, here are some photos of sexually seductive film and television actress Kristin Kreuk.


I can have hand clap battles in the morning.  I can have hand clap battles in the afternoon.  I can have hand clap battles in the evening.  However, I have decided that hand clap battles is a battle that's not worth winning.  Only fight battles that I stand a positive chance for winning.  Only fight battles that are actually worth winning.  It's ok if I turn down the chance for a battle.  My ego may be bruised, but I'll live to fight another day.  Somebody who is so violently obsessed with winning a hand clapping battle should be allowed to have the victory that person desires so much.  There's no point in letting that person drag me to the same hell that he/she is going to. 
And it's ok if nobody is tortured in the United States of America.  It's ok if tortor chamber porn never becomes popular in the United States of America film industry.  I never liked torture chambers.  Torture chambers makes me sick to the stomach.  I don't care how horrible a human being has been to society.  Torture should never be allowed against anybody.  There are much more humane ways of punishment against the guilty that torture should never be allowed. 
It's ok to pray to GOD, as long as GOD isn't used as a weapon of bigotry and hate.  GOD never wanted to be used as a weapon of bigotry and hate.  Jesus Christ didn't die on the cross so that he could be used as a weapon of bigotry and hate.
Here are some photos of Russian tennis playing athlete Maria Sharapova.

(L-R) Missy Franklin, Jessica Hardy, Lia Neal and Allison Schmitt
(L-R) Jessica Hardy and Missy Franklin
(From top to bottom) Missy Franklin of the U.S., Italy's Federica Pellegrini, Canada's Barbara Jardin and Canada's Samantha Cheverton
Federica Pellegrini, Italy, left, Missy Franklin, U.S.A., right
Missy Franklin, U.S.A., left, Federica Pelligrini, right, Italy
Missy Franklin, left, and Amanda Weir, right
Missy Franklin, U.S., left, Australia's Belinda Hocking, right

Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps, left and Missy Franklin, right
Missy Franklin

Clare Donahue, left, Dana Vollmer, right
Dana Vollmer, U.S.A., right, Australia's Alicia Coutts
Megan Romano, from left, Dana Vollmer and Chelsea Nauta
Natalie Coughlin, Carly Piper, Dana Vollmer and Kaitlin Sandeno
  Dana Vollmer

Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, Mc Kayla Maroney and Kyla Ross
Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, Mc Kayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross

Mc Kayla Maroney, Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross

Kyla Ross, Mc Kayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman, Gabrielle Douglas and Jordyn Wieber
Gabrielle Douglas (C), Alexandra Raisman (L), Jordyn Wieber (2nd L), McKayla Maroney (2nd R) and Kyla Ross (4th R)
Gabrielle Douglas (clockwise L-R), Kyla Ross, Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber and McKayla Maroney

Gabrielle Douglas (C), Jordyn Wieber (L) and McKayla Maroney (R)
Alexandra Raisman

Aliya Mustafina, Russia
Kyla Ross

Gabrielle Douglas, left, jordyn wieber, right

Gabrielle Douglas (L-R), McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Wieber
Jordyn Wieber and McKayla Maroney
Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross (L)
Alexandra Raisman, Gabrielle Douglas

McKayla Maroney, Gabrielle Douglas
Jordyn Wieber

McKayla Maroney

Gabrielle Douglas