Thursday, January 31, 2013


Now here's the thing.  The Drug Dealer sent his Drug Delivery Minion on a mission to deliver ten pounds of Marijuana (Legal in California, but illegal everywhere else) from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The problem is that the Drug Dealer got the wrong address or the Drug Addict from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania moved away.  So return to sender right?  Right back to the Drug Dealer in Los Angeles, California.  Right?  The problem is that the Drug Delivery Minion was even dumber than he looks.  He ended up hauling ten pounds of marijuana to a K-Mart Store located in Seattle, Washington.  More specifically, to 13200 Aurora Ave. N.  I don't know if the Drug Delivery Minion walked up to the Customer Service Desk, placed ten pounds of Marijuana on the desk and asked for a refund or he just gave it to one of the employees.  Whatever the case, the Drug Dealer from Los Angeles, California was supposed to be the return to sender address and it ended up in a K-Mart Store in Seattle, Washington (Possibly the Customer Service Desk and violently demanding a refund).  So K-Mart did what any logical K-Mart Store would do and telephoned the police.  Now the Drug Deliver Minion is in jail and owes the price of ten pounds of Marijuana to the Drug Dealer in Los Angeles, California (Who's still at large---Possibly).  Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.
While I'm lost in thought about bagels, here are some photos of the following celebrities.
Cate Blanchett
Demi Moore
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Alba
Katy Perry and a Madame Tussauds wax double of herself
Marion Cottilard and some friends of hers.
Naya Rivera
 Taylor Swift


And night has spread across the land once again.  The land has gone dark.  And though it's freezing cold, I know that Summer will return to grace us all with it's presence once again.  And I finish my mug of coffee as I write this sentence.  And the next day will have so much promise and potental for the Gentle Reader and I to anticipate.  Time moves so rapidly.  Time moves more rapidly than the Gentle Reader and I could expect or anticipate.  And yet, time move so slowly that I keep forgetting how quickly a decade have flown past.  And in the end, it's always best to enjoy what in front of you right now and treasure those memories forever.  Never take anything for granted for each and every day is a memory waiting to happen.
And as I'm lost in thought while looking at the ticking clock, here are some photos of film actress Charlize Theron.


Is it really a good idea to place alcohol this close to Lindsay Lohan considering the amount of trouble she's been having with getting drunk, drinking and driving and theft?
Below is one of many courtroom battles to keep Lindsay Lohan out of jail.  Needless to say, there's no shortage of work for Lindsay Lohan's defence attourney since Lindsay Lohan is always getting arrested for something related to alcoholism or theft.  I guess she's a lost good girl soul stuck in a bad girl femme fatale body (But I'll make out with her anyway regardless how many times she gets arrested).  I guess I'm a sucker for a very pretty woman.



The potato-like food depicted on the wallpaper looked sort of like this---Except it's the color purple.
Plus there's purple onions, eggplant, vanilla, asparagus, coco, coffee, mushrooms and mint.  I'm not sure what kind of meal that would make, but I'm not sure I would like to be the person eating such a entree.  Call me old fashion, but I would like my onions either red or white and I would like my potatoes either red or brown.  I would never like to eat either an onion or a potato that's purple in color.  Plus, does potatoes, eggplant, vanilla, asparagus, coco, coffee, mushrooms and mint really goes together to form a single meal and if so, would it work on the television show Hells Kitchen?


It doesn't look very impressive at first.  The soon to be discarded wallpaper that I'm taking off in the kitchen comes off in very tiny itty bitty pieces.  The pieces of soon to be discarded wallpaper is so tiny, that it really doesn't count as progress.  And it's easy to lose hope because the particle of soon to be discarded wallpaper is so pathetic looking.  And then I scrape off another tiny piece.  And another.  And before I know it, close to an hour has gone by and an entire wall worth of wallpaper is gone and left behind the bare wall under it all.  And then it turned out that what appeared to be a pathetic looking micro sliver of a wallpaper is just another step towards removing the entire wallpaper and liberating the kitchen from being attached to it.  Then it stops being pathetic and it starts to become magnificence.
And as I'm lost in thought while scraping off the wallpaper, here are some photos of film actress Ashley Greene.