Friday, January 31, 2014


Susan Tedeschi used to be a solo blues rock musician.  Her spouse Derek Trucks also used to have a solo blues rock career.  However, both solo careers came to an end when members of Susan Tedeschi's solo career backup band and members of the Derek Trucks Band was merged into a giant sized blues rock group originally called Soul Stew Revival but later renamed the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  The third overall album and the second studio album from the Tedeschi Trucks Band was released in 2013 entitled Made Up Mind.  The Tedeschi Trucks Band continues to record and tour to this exact moment of time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Kim Gordon married Thuston Moore in 1984 and on 1994, she gave birth to his child Coco Hayley Gordon Moore.  On the surface, it was the coolest marriage between two punk rockers who belonged to one of New York City's most legendary punk rock bands Sonic Youth.  And they were the coolest parents to their child Coco too.  But utopia wasn't to be.  Thurston Moore waited until Kim Gordon was being treated for breast cancer before having an extra-marital affair with his mistress.  Thurston Moore and his wife Kim Gordon separated in October 2011 and they divorced in April 2013.  The divorce between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon also destroyed the legendary punk rock band Sonic Youth.  Thurston Moore formed a brand new punk rock band called Chelsea Light Moving.  Kim Gordon formed a brand new punk rock band with  Bill Nace called Body/Head.  The debut album of Body/Head was released in January 8, 2013.  Kim Gordon and Bill Nace aka Body/Head continues to record and tour to this exact moment in time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Joy Williams, 1/2 of the folk music duet the Civil Wars hangs out with solo and Fleetwood Mac co-lead singer Stevie Nicks.
Joy Williams released a brand new album with her Civil Wars rock band collaborator John Paul White simply entitled the Civil Wars.  This is the second full length collaboration between Joy Williams and John Paul White.  The duet of Joy Williams ans John Paul White continues to record and tour to this exact moment of time.