Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The repayments of my United States Government college tuition loans has taken a positive direction today. I paid off the college tuition loan debt I owed Direct Loans for attending Ohio State University. I still need to repay the college tuition laon debt that I owe Great Lakes for attending Franklin University. However, good luck and fortune follows those who budgets their money wisely. Since I'm working minimum wage, the need to budget my money becomes even more intense. I wish I were close friends with rich people. Then I could've asked for a loan to pay off a financial loan. However, I'm just an ordinary man who doesn't know any rich and famous people. I have to function on my own resources.
I would watch the Golden Globes Pre-Show a few days ago. You know, the one in which rich and famous people would walk down the red carpet. Tabloid reporters would walk up with television cameras in tow. All the questions are identical. Who manufactures the outfit you're wearing. The rich and famous person would say, "Blank, blank blank manufactured my outfit. Isn't it wonderful." Then the Tablid Reporter with television camera would small talk about this film project or something else entirely. The conversation is never deep. Still, despite the superficial nature of the event, I can't help but wish I could be part of it. However, I know I can't because I'm not invited to participate. I guess it's just as well. Not being followed around by the tabloids does have it's advantages. I get to walk through life without much people noticing. Plus, nobody cares that I shop for clothes at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Target and Wallmart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It was forty degrees and raining yesterday. Some of the snow melted, but not all of it. Today the high is, well I don't know what the weather is. I can't find today's newspaper. I'm trying to find the local weather. However, the search engines lead to another search engine that leads to something that I have to pay for. I'm guessing that the weather is somewhere in the late twenties. Maybe the lowest weather tempreture is in the single digits. Anyway, it's cold outside. The trees are still bare. It's not snowing so much because Lake Erie has frozen over. I'm waiting for summer to arrive in Cleveland, Ohio. In the meantime, I'll be drinking lots of hot chocolate and coffee.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today is day #5 for the year 2011. Aside from snow emergencies, Christmas and New Years Day, December have past without incident. Now it's January again. A brand new year has begun. My birthday is next month. I can't wait. This year is going to be fantastic. I already know that as a guaranteed fact.