Saturday, February 28, 2015


This is what everybody has been waiting for.  The moment has finally arrived.  Jennifer Lopez, Patrick Schwarzenegger (Son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver), Miley Cyrus, Romain Dauriac, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo are waiting for the fashion show to begin.  Slowly the lights starts to dim.  The fashion models are in position.  Time for the applause.  The fashion show is about to begin.
Amy said, "Oh my Goddess, I love this outfit."
Patrick said, "Will you please shut the fuck up?  I'm trying to enjoy the Fashion Show."
Scarlett said, "What's the big deal.  You'll never need to wear the women's clothing."
Patrick said, "I like to enjoy Fashion Shows without people constantly talking."
Miley said, "You need to learn to calm the fuck down if we're going to keep dating each other."
Patrick asked, "Is that a threat?"
Miley said, "It's a warning."
Jennifer replied, "I'd listen to Miley if I were you Patrick."
Miley said, "Thank you for the backup Jennifer."
Darren said, "It's not fair that guys can't wear girl jeans.  Just once, I'd love to go shopping in the women's clothing department without being looked upon as a freak."
Romain said, "I agree that wearing girl jeans is exactly the sort of thing Jesus Christ would be doing."
 Romain Dauriac, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams and Darren Le Gallo are enjoying the fashion show as the fashion models walk up and down the runway.  Oh the fun clothes they could purchase after seeing what's available at the fashion show.
Amy whispered to Scarlett, "We should ditch the squares and go running off on our own when the Fashion Show is over.  These dorks is making me want to puke."
Scarlett said, "I'm only hanging out with Romain for the sizable divorce settlement anyway."
Romain said, "I can hear the two of you girls."
Amy said, "That's too bad.  Live with it."
Darren said, "I'd love to wear the jeans that girl is wearing on the runway.  It reminds me of something that I would find at the Salvation Army way back in the days when I was homeless."
Scarlett said, "Just pretend that we're having fun with these dorks.  Then we'll ditch them both when the Fashion Show is over.  Sizable divorce settlement be damned.  I want to have fun again."
Amy said, "I don't know what I saw in that moron idiot Darren."
Romain said, "I can still here you."
Romain said, "Just ignore those two girls.  We both know that we're just props to be used and discarded.  But hey, the sex more than makes up for it."
Jennifer Lopez thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye.  She thought about investigating whatever she shaw, but she didn't want to stray too far from her friends either.  Tough decisions weighed on the girl, but she tried hard not to show it.
The curiosity was simply too much for Jennifer Lopez to endure.  So she excused herself before standing up to walk away from her friends.  Jennifer Lopez wove through a thick crowd of people before finding whatever she saw and chasing after whatever she was chasing after.

 Jennifer Lopez grabbed the Individual she was chasing after and in the struggle, the Individual now identified as male tore her fur coat off.  He punched her before running off down to the left.  Jennifer Lopez didn't have time to put her fur coat back on, so she chased after the Individual without her fur coat.  She paused when she thought she lost track of the Individual.

The Individual grabbed Jennifer Lopez from behind and shoved her towards the floor before running even further to the left of the Fashion Show Building.  Jennifer Lopez stood up and chased after him.
Jennifer Lopez paused when she lost track of the Individual.  She considered rejoining the group.
Jennifer Lopez shrugged her shoulders as she walked right back towards the Fashion Show.  The Individual walked behind Jennifer without her knowing it.
The Individual grabbed Jennifer Lopez from behind before tying her arms behind her back.  The Individual tied her feet as well.  Jennifer Lopez was gagged before being dragged towards a mini van parked in the parking lot.
Nobody noticed or tried to make a move to prevent Jennifer Lopez (Who is now bound and gagged to be dragged towards the mini van.  The door to the mini van was swung open with Jennifer Lopez being roughly tossed into the back seats of the mini van.
 The Individual jumped into the passenger side of the mini van and swung the door closed.  The Individual was thankful that his mini van was soundproof.  The Individual attacked Jennifer with a knife over and over again until her blood was splashed all over the rear passenger side of the mini van.  Jennifer tried to escape, but the ropes binding her arms and legs wouldn't budge.  And with the number of knife wounds incurred all over her, she no longer had the strength to escape.  The only thing that Jennifer was able to do was to close her eyes and wait for death to claim her.
Meanwhile, at the Fashion Show,  Patrick Schwarzenegger, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora started talking with each other as Romain Dauriac, Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams were engaged in an altogether different conversation.  Miley was starting to worry that Jennifer Lopez has vanished and hasn't returned from whatever she was doing.   
Miley said to Rita, "Oh hey, I thought you were never going to show up."
Rita replied to Miley, "There is no way I'm going to miss this for anything."
Patrick said to Rita, "Hey lady, what's up?"
Rita replied to Patrick, "Go to Hell jerk."  Rita said to Miley, "You told me that you were going to dump this damn fool?"
Miley said to Rita, "I'm only dating him to lure him into a messy sex scandal and rip off every dime he ever had in his wallet.  I'm good for things like that."
Rita said to Miley, "I'm cool for that as long as you include me in your spending spree."
Patrick replied, "Watching a Fashion Show full of women's clothing is better than watching a football game on television."
Rita said to Patrick, "Please stop talking to me.  Thank you."
Miley said to Patrick, "You really know how to kill off a conversation."
 Miley Cyrus spotted the Individual out of the corner of her eye.  She stood up and excused herself from the group.  Miley Cyrus didn't want to miss the chance to hang out with her friends nor did she want to miss the Fashion Show either.  However, she didn't want the Individual to slip away without explaining what the heck happened to Jennifer Lopez.  So Miley Cyrus chased after the individual with intention to do harm if she doesn't get some answers quickly.
Miley Cyrus lost track of the Individual.
Miley looked left and right before looking behind her.  She frowned and was about to rejoin the group back at the Fashion Show.
Miley spotted the Individual and chased after him.
Miley Cyrus was gaining and that concerned the Individual.  He tried to run faster, but Miley was much more athletic by comparison.
Miley grabbed him from behind and pressed her breasts on the Individual's spine as she forced him down to the ground.
Miley wrapped her left arm around the Individual's neck as she tried to strangle him.
The Individual tried to squirm free, but Miley's grip was much too fierce.
The Individual's vision got darker as he had one last chance to escape from Miley's strangulation grip.  Miley smiled as he tried to squirm free.
The Individual tossed himself against the wall while Miley lay on him with her left arm wrapped around his neck.  Miley was rattled by the blow and relaxed her strangulation grip.  The Individual squirm from under Miley.
The Individual punched Miley and she fell backwards face up to the floor.  The Individual stood up and started running towards the exit leading to the parking lot.
Miley stood up and chased after the Individual.
Miley was gaining once again as she chased after the Individual.
The Individual knew that he wasn't going to outrace Miley Cyrus, but he tried anyway.
The Individual reached the door, but he stopped before he could open the doors leading to the parking lot.  He spun to face Miley as she raced towards him.
The Individual punched Miley and she fell to the ground face down.
The Individual tied Miley's arms behind her back.  Miley struggled against his efforts to tie her up.
Miley's left arm broke free from his efforts to tie her arms behind her back.
The Individual successfully tied Miley's arms behind her back yet again.  The second time was much more successful.
The Individual's efforts to tie up Miley's legs was hindered by her failed efforts to kick him.
The Individual tied Miley's feet together before gagging the girl.
The Individual dragged Miley Cyrus to her feet and he dragged her out the door leading to the parking lot.  Miley tried to escape, but the ropes that he used to bind her was much too tough to break free from.
The Individual reached his mini van and he opened up the door.  He tossed Miley Cyrus next to Jennifer Lopez.  Jennifer Lopez' eyes were closed and she wasn't moving.  Miley tried to escape, but the Individual held her down successfully.
Miley made one last effort to break free, but the Individual punched her in the stomach.  Miley lost the will to escape as the blow caused her to roll on her stomach in pain.
 The Individual jumped into the rear passenger side of the mini van and swung the door closed.  The Individual was thankful that his mini van was soundproof.  The Individual held Miley Cyrus down with his left hand as he kept stabbing her between her breasts with his knife held in his right hand.  Miley tried to stand up, but the Individual kept shoving her back to the floor of the rear passenger side of the mini van.  Miley tried to say something, but there was a gag on her mouth.  And even if there wasn't a gag on her mouth, she still wouldn't be able to speak because her throat was filled up with too much blood.  The world became dark as Miley closed her eyes as she body became numb.  Miley stopped breathing and she died soon afterwards.
John Legend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham, and Rita Ora sat next to each other at the fashion show.  Rita looked at Rosie with concern.
Rita said, "I'm worried.  Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus hasn't returned.  I'm going out to search for them."
Rosie said, "Not without me."
Rita said, "Not a chance.  One of us has to no enjoy this show."
Rosie said, "I can't enjoy this show knowing that you're endangering your life and may not return."
Jason said, "Will you girls please decide which of you is stepping outside.  It's hard to enjoy the fashion show with the two of you constantly talking."
John said, "Hey Rita, I'll keep an eye on your purse while you're stepping out.  I'm already keeping an eye on Jennifer Lopez' purse and Miley Cyrus' purse.  I don't mind watching your purse too."
Rosie asked, "What are you going to do with Rita's purse if she never returns."
Jason replied, "That's not for you to worry about."
Rita said, "Yeah sure, you can keep an eye on my purse.  I won't be gone long though."
Rosie said, "Be careful Rita.  Be safe."
Rita said to Rosie, "Don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen to me."  Rosie handed her purse to John and said, "There better not be anything missing from my purse when I return."
John replied, "Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of it."
Jason said, "There goes another girl.  Soon there will be peace and quiet."
Rita Ora walked away from the fashion show and down the hallway where she spotted the Individual.  The Individual failed to spot Rita as she furtively snuck behind him with intention to afflict harm against him.  Rita was smug with confidence when she continued to be able to sneak behind the Individual undetected.
Rita Ora hid from sight when the Individual turned around.  Rita held her breath when the Individual looked around behind him, then returned his gaze straight forward to continue walking.  Rita slowly emerged from her hiding spot to carefully follow the Individual.
Nicole Richie stood directly in front of the Individual while Rita Ora walked behind the Individual.  And while the Individual can clearly see Nicole Richie, Rita Ora continued to walk behind the Individual completely undetected.  Nicole Richie smiled as she walked directly towards the Individual with confidence.
Nicole faced the Individual and said, "Clearly you're going to give me a good reason why Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus has vanished."
The Individual replied, "I don't need to explain anything to you."
Nicole replied, "That's not the answer I'm hoping to have."