Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yes, I'll admit that my heart sank when I was told by my Biologic parents (Step-Mom Marnie wasn't part of the story back then) that I had to wear eyeglasses.  I thought only nerds wear eyeglasses.  Plus the fact that I wasn't a nerd made my unqualified.  However, when I realized that my nearsighted vision status, my mind was changed.  For those who doesn't know, near sighted vision is where I can only see things nearby, but I can't see anything far away.  Wearing eyeglasses give me the perfect 20/20 vision that I require in order to move around in life properly.  So now I wear my metal framed eyeglasses with enthusiasm and pride.  I have learned that cool dudes like me is just as capable of wearing eyeglasses as anybody else can.  Plus, Lisa Loeb and Janeane Garofalo wears eyeglasses as part of their celebrity image.  If Lisa Loeb and Janeane Garofalo can wear eyeglasses without embarrassment, then I can do the same too.  So those who are nearsighted and those who are farsighted, take comfort in knowing that it's alright to wear eyeglasses in public.   Those who think ill of such acts isn't worth hanging around anyway.  Plus,  it's easier for me to ride my bike around town on my job hunt effort when I wear eyeglasses.  Yes, I know that contact lenses is also available, but I much prefer eyeglasses.  Wearing eyeglasses helps give me a distictive edge.

While I'm celebrating the act of wearing eyeglasses, here are some photos of actress and stand up comedienne Janeane Garofalo .  Among her most notable roles was Janis Gold on the seventh season of 24, Sally Reardon on Felicity (Uncredited and offcamera voice over only), Reality Bites, Mystery Men, 200 Cigarettes, as General Teena MacArthur on Southland Tales, Heather Mooney in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and Abby in The Truth About Cats & Dogs among coutless other film and television roles that she acted in.


It's hard to imagine what life is like without coffee.  What would be the alternative to coffee?  Alcohol?  Beer?  Wine?  What's the point in drinking alcohol, beer and wine if it leads to ill mannered drunk behavior, criminal acts of drunk driving road rage and health problems including but limited to the liver.  There's too much problems associated with alcohol, beer and wine for me to drink it beyond the ocasional small glass once every three months---Only if I'm in the mood for such a thing.  And with the rise of Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, there's no longer any need to drink in alcohol taverns.  Just drink coffee at Starbucks and Caribou Coffee instead and your health is improved.  Your attention span improves.  Your ability to drive cars improves.  Your health and sanity improves.  I never gotten drunk from the day I was born in 1968 to right now and I'm not about to get started.  I enjoy being sober way too much to wreck it all with alcohol, beer and wine.  As far as I'm concerned Alcohol, beer and wine are the devil's beverages.  I'm not saying that alcohol, beer and wine should be banned.  I'm saying that alcohol, beer and wine should be consumed with moderation and caution.  Way too much of the wrong thing can happen with excessive alcohol, beer and wine consumption and that's a fact.

While I'm drinking a steaming hot mug of coffee, here are some photos of film actress Keira Knightley.