Monday, October 31, 2011


There's a certain amount of pleasure and happiness in riding a bike. Fate mixed with my own level of stupidity has decreed that I must ride a bike around town. Instead of gloating on my misfortunes that has forced me to ride around town by bicycle, I have learned to accept the fate that was bestowed upon me. I shall never give up hope that someday I'll be able to own and drive around in a car someday. Until that happens, I shall continue to ride around on a bike. So here I'm at. Soon I shall travel out onto the brisk Auttumn weather. It's not too cold. The weather is rather medium level. Not a flake of snow to be found anywhere. Yes, I know the good fortune won't last forever. Cleveland, Ohio is legandary for bone crunching massive Winter storms. However, I'm willing to wait a few weeks before the snow arrives. In the meantime, here's some photos of ICARLY television sitcome actress Jennette McCurdy and a few of her friends. They too enjoy hanging out and having a good time.


Tonight is significant for two reasons. Not only is it the second to the last day of the month October 2011, it's also Halloween. Beyond October 31, 2011 is the month of November. Beyond that is the month of December. After Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Years Day, then we'll begin the year 2012. However, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just focus on surviving the rest of October in general and Halloween in particular. We'll worry about the rest later. I'm not saying that I don't have a plan. I have a rough sketch of a plan. I'm praying to GOD everyday that my rough sketch of a plan doesn't fall apart into ruin.

It's not easy being unemployed. Trust me when I say that I don't enjoy talking about it just as much as you probably don't enjoy hearing about it. However, the need to be employed again is a primary concern of mine. I'm not used to being unemployed for such a long time. The Great Recession is rough for me. It's rough for everybody, but I never thought that I would get caught up in the mess. Anyway, I pray to GOD everyday that the Great Recession will someday end. Ecdonomic prosperity will return to the United States of America again. We need to be confident in the prospect of a brighter future. And as we wait for a brighter economic future, here are some photos of Hayden Panettiere.


So I'm still unemployed. I'll still be needing to go job hunting to resolve that difficulty. On the positive side, I'm having an easier time figuring out the geography of Cleveland, Ohio. That's because I'm looking for more places that I didn't fill out a job application form to. Without a car, I'm traveling by bicycle. Therefore, I'm getting great exercise. So trick and treating starts close to 6:30 tonight. Ah yes, that's the witching hour. So here I'm at. I'm doing some internet surfing before heading out for job hunting. I'm checking my e-mail and visiting job hunting web sites. Nothing yet, but I'm still optimistic. Anyway, that's my day's schedule. I wish my life was more interesting, but I guess I'll take whatever I could get. Oh yes, here are some photos of country music performer Taylor Swift.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'll be honest with you. I wish my life was more interesting. I'm living in Cleveland, Ohio and I'm unemployed. I don't hang out in fancy expensive restaurants because I can't afford such places. Going on vacation to exotic places on the drop of a dime is hard for me. Don't get me wrong, it's great to live in Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, my current existance is in Cleveland, Ohio. Once upon I time, I was a resident of Columbus, Ohio, but those days have passed by. Right now, my current existance is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The one problem is with the bankruptcy of Border Bookstore, there isn't much bookstores to purchase books at anymore. Yeah, I could do it online with gift certificate cards as a payment method. Yes, that's true. However, it's not the same as buying a book at an actual bricks and morter store. Yes, it's also true that it will be harder to go job hunting if too many jobs is either replaced by machines or internet web sites purchase options. Technology is great, as long as we don't lose track of the human soul in the process. So here I'm at, I'm not nearly as exciting as I would like to be. Maybe someday in the future, I'll be more interesting to read about, but the process to that point is turning out to be slower than I expected. Yes, I do go job hunting on the internet as well as fill out paper job application forms. I guess technology will be with us for a while. In between my job searches, I enjoy looking at photos of actress Shenae Grimes. Ah yes, Shenae Grimes really is a very lovely woman.


It's already snowing in most of the eastern portion of the United States of America. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Ohio, there isn't a flake of snow to be found anywhere. The tempreture is rather mild by comparison. It provides plenty of time to rake up the leaves one hundred percent. Not to worry. Snow will fall eventually. Not right away. Maybe closer to late November to early December 2011 portion of the year. I'm still going to peddle my bike in my job hunting quest. I'm so committed to bike riding, that I'll even ride my bike in the winter. The snow will melt eventually. I would prefer to be employed before the snow falls, but it doesn't look as though I'm going to be so lucky.

So here I'm at. It's not snowing. The tempreture is rather mild and pleasant. I'm not complaining. I'm willing to wait a bit longer for snow to arrive. I'm not in a rush to shovel snow from the driveway just yet. I know I'll get plenty of exercise from the driveway snow shoveling quest when the snow does fall. However, I'm willing to wait a bit before that happens. So here I'm at. I'm unemployed and job hunting through the internet. And when I'm not job hunting through the internet, I'm looking at photos of Shenae Grimes from the television series 90210 (Originally entitled BEVERLY HILLS 90210). Shenae Grimes replaces Tori Spelling as one of the primary female characters in the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and onwards of 90210 (Originally entitled BEVERLY HILLS 90210).