Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hurricane Isaac is now Tropical Storm Isaac once again.  That doesn't mean that Tropical Storm Isaac isn't going to be a threat anymore.  Anybody living in New Orleans, Louisiana already knows how devistating any weather storm of this magnitude can be.  Tropical Storm Isaac later called Hurricane Isaac and now called Tropical Storm Isaac is more than a few mere falling rain drops.  We're talking about fierce hundred miles per hour winds, flash floods, damaged houses, trashed cars, ruined businesses and shattered lives.  There may even have been a few casulties---Though we hope that if there were casulties involved, that such casulties are minimal.  At any rate, it looks as though we're seeing the end of Tropical Storm Isaac (Also called Hurricane Isaac).  Yes Gentle Reader, the end of Tropical Storm Isaac's rein of terror is almost at an end.  But before Tropical Storm Isaac goes away, it's predicted that more rain will result from Tropical Storm Isaac in Cleveland, Ohio before the week is finished.  We'll see what happens when the weekend arrives.
Here are some photos of film and television actresss Mila Kunis.




Hurricane Isaac has become Tropical Storm Isaac once again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yes Gentle Reader, I know October Road was a television show that Laura Prepon was a cast member on.  And I know that October Road only twenty-two episodes spread across two seasons.  However, I do have a question about the whole thing?  Won't it be a bit weird to be living in a house on 623 October Road when it's the middle of July?  I mean, living on 623 October Road would be the coolest on the month of October, but what about the other eleven months of the year?  What about December?  Here we have October Road still summons images of Halloween and everybody is busy getting ready for Christmas?  Won't that cause just a bit of confusion?  Or perhaps not much people would notice that people are living in houses situated on October Road when it's June, July and August outside.  I know that calling a television show October Road was meant to be poetic sounding.  Still, it's awkward to say that a person is living on October Road and it isn't the month of October anymore.  Perhaps the street was created and named (Originally a dirt path, then a dirt road, then a road made of bricks and then finally a paved road) on the month of October.  Or perhaps the person who created October Road either had a first or a last name of October.  Whatever the case may be, Laura Prepon was a cast member of the television show October Road.  Most people isn't aware of it since not much people watched that show to start with.  And even though Laura Prepon isn't living on October Road anymore, she still has memories of the time she spent living on that Auttumn leave covered road for a brief two year span of time long long ago.  And as we remember the long canceled television show October Road, here are some photos of the leading lady of that long forgotten television show.  Yes, you guessed it.  Laura Prepon.



Laura Prepon is the type of girl who never ends up in last place.  Or rather, she's not used to being in last place for anything.  Imagine her shock when the television show October Road ended up being almost nearly last place in the Neilson Ratings.  Oh yes, Laura Prepon vowed that day never to do a television show that ends up on last place again---Until she ended up doing another last place finishing television show entitled Are You There Chelsie?  Now she's irritated.  Come on, this is the girl who was the leading lady in the blockbuster smash hit television show That 70's Show.  Now Laura Prepon is  more than determined never to end up being last place ever again----No matter the consequences.  It's time to bring back the magic of the 1970's and Laura Prepon is the perfect lady to do that sort of 1970's era cultural scene.