Saturday, May 31, 2014


I'm unmarried, I'm not going steady with any female and I never had the chance to produce any children.  Working minimum wage doing janitorial work at restaurants has been my exclusive source of income.  And I'm currently living in the Suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.  And the Suburbs of Columbus, Ohio is both quiet and peaceful.  Or rather, the Columbus, Ohio based Suburbs that I'm living in is both quiet and peaceful.  And so the weekend continues with my blogging on the Internet while the warm Summer breeze floats through the window.  Children playing in the front lawn (And sometimes the back lawns too).  People are walking their dogs.  Lawns are being mowed.  The arrival of Summer allows the chance to spend more time outdoors.  And the quiet peacefulness of the Suburbs of Columbus, Ohio is both soothing and relaxing.  Life is good.
And as I'm lost in thought in the peace, quiet and tranquility of the suburbs, here are some photos of Ariana Grande


Julianne Moore supports laws to limit the sale and use of handguns so that guns won't be used by crazy people to commit crimes with.  Because a sane person with a gun shooting a crazy person with a guns are two crazed vigilantes dragging the community into a hopeless vortex of drive by shootings, street gang violence and anarchy driven chaos.


Simplicity is key.  Don't go on excessive shopping binges on luxuries that isn't needed for basic survival.  Going on excessive shopping binges for clutter just to make you feel better only drags down the community.  And with Summer finally arrived there are plenty of things to do except for excessive shopping binges on luxuries that isn't needed for basic survival.  Going for a walk in the forest.  Going to the park.  Hang out next to the river and watch the water gently float by.  Lie down on the grass to see the pure blue sky hang above.  There are plenty in nature to enjoy that doesn't involve the shopping bag.
And as I'm lost in thought while listening to the birds chirp as I wake up in the morning, here are some photos of Gillian Jacobs.


Friday, May 30, 2014


Stana Katic isn't a cop, but she plays one on television.  And as a pretend cop, it's Stana Katic's job to put away the criminals, the filth and the scum of the earth with a smile on her face and a dance in her step.  Criminals are only good for one thing and one thing only---To be arrested and warehoused away inside a prison.  There are only three modes allowed to a criminal---About to be arrested, being arrested and has been arrested.  And as a pretend cop, she looks for scum who deserves to be arrested for acting like a temper tantrum throwing creep (Not all criminals throw temper tantrums, but it helps to discredit the jerk if a temper tantrum is thrown) and proceed to ruin that jerk's life until the jerk gets the punishment that the jerk deserves. 
However, being a pretend cop is easier than being an actual cop.  A pretend cop gets twenty-two booklets that are forty-five pages long each to memorize.  Recite back the lines of dialogue into a camera and it's recorded for eternity.  It's as easy as that.  Actual cops need to interview witnesses, gather evidence, search crime scenes and search other areas that might contain evidence.  Pretend cops always gets the criminal.  Actual cops doesn't have nearly as much an easy job.  Pretend cops gets to say dialogue to criminals that an actual cop would be tossed off the job for.  Pretend cops in a cop show don't have to wait until the courtroom trial to find out if the criminal they arrested actually gets to stay in prison.  Plus actors such as Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett gets paid much more money than an actual cop, she lives in a better house (Both on and off the screen) and she gets to wear much better clothes too.