Thursday, May 1, 2014


Yeah, I once had a bicycle.  And yeah, I once rode bicycles almost daily.  However, that's before I started getting into the bad habit of being run over by cars driven by people who either didn't respect bicycle riders, had no patience for the natural slowness (In comparison to cars speeding fifty-five miles per hour at least) of bicycles or clearly didn't know there was a bicycle in the line of fire.  And the last time I rode a bicycle, I was rear ended by a car that slightly broke part of the lower half of my left leg (Which healed back to normal naturally) and smashed my left arm in three places requiring two metal plates and sixteen screws.  Now I don't ride bicycles anymore.  Not yet at any rate.  I'm waiting until the current obsession with running over bike riders stops being fashionable behavior.  Someday I'll ride a bike again, but today won't be that day.  I'll just wait a tiny bit longer.
And as I'm lost in thought as a wrecked bicycle continues to sit unattended in the garage, here are some photos of Amanda Seyfried.




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