Friday, May 30, 2014


Night has fallen Gentle Reader.  The land is covered in darkness.  And yes, we are haunted by our failures.  And yes, we are haunted by assorted missed opportunities.  However, failures and missed opportunities are a learning experience and not an opportunity for constantly flogging one self without any sort of progress to be made.  And learning experiences helps a person grow so that such failures and missed opportunities to be repeated.  Because the same failure and missed opportunity repeated twice without ever learning from it is rather pointless.  And so I go forward into the future with hopes that I'll improve as a human being despite (Or perhaps because) of myself.  Hate and anger are produced from fear.  Fear is an emotion that nobody is born with, but is rather something that is educated and learned.  And I shall aspire to remove all fear from my hearts in hopes of becoming a much more improved person so that I'll someday live a life that isn't haunted by failures and assorted missed opportunities.
And as I'm lost in thought as night covers the land, here are some photos of Bella Thorne.



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