Monday, May 5, 2014


The official residence of Selena Gomez is in Calabasas, California and her secondary residence is in Tarzana, California.  At 6,630 square feet, the secondary house in Tarzana, California was originally purchased for 2.75 million and is now for sale for 3.495 million dollars.  That's an .745 million dollar increase in property value.  If you, the Gentle Reader would like to live like Selena Gomez, then don't walk but rather run to the nearby California located real estate office.  The chance to live like Selena Gomez won't last forever so don't delay.  Here's your chance to purchase Selena Gomez' former house today.  And after purchasing Selena Gomez former house in Tarzana, California you could dance around to Justine Bieber albums---Just like Selena Gomez does in her former bedroom.

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