Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Oh yeah, you could get some plastic surgery.  You could spend hours fretting about your hair.  You could inject enough chemicals into your face to make it mostly immobile to remove the appearance of wrinkles.  However, it's not the external physical appearance of a person that matters, but it's the soul within.  If you have a perfect external physical appearance, but your soul within is rotten to the core, then all the time spend improving your physical appearance has been for nothing.  External physical perfection without any morals or ability to relate to anybody is just as bad as those who refuse to take a bath on purpose.  And in the end, it's those who have a pure heart and a pure soul will enter the gates of heaven because GOD really doesn't care how many trips to the plastic surgeon you have been to in the past couple of weeks.
And as I'm lost in thought about philosophy, here are some photos of the following celebrities.
Lily Collins
 Anna Kendrick
 Taylor Swift
 Salma Hayek
 Jennifer Lopez
 Charlize Theron
 Shay Mitchell
 Sandra Bullock
 Miranda Kerr
 Jessica Alba
 Emma Stone
 Scarlett Johansson
 Liv Tyler
 Jennifer Lawrence
 Emma Watson

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