Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Perhaps it will rain.  The weather reports claim it will rain tonight.  The skies are cloudy enough for rain.  The temperature normally drops before the rain falls and the outside temperature has been sufficiently cold enough.  So perhaps rain will fall.  It's not raining right now.  The clouds simply hang above the quiet suburbs of Columbus, Ohio with the anticipation of something happening.  However, the anticipation of something happening isn't always the same as something actually happening.  And as long as rain actually doesn't happen, there's merely the quiet before the storm.  The long soothing quiet before the storm ignited by the falling rain kicks up all the comfort of the quiet and causes it to fly apart into chaos.  And will continue to be so as long as the rain continues to fall.  But order always replaces the chaos no matter how long chaos tries to stick around.  Right now, the rain isn't falling.  Right now, I'm enjoying the quiet before the storm.
And as I'm lost in thought as clouds hang above me, here are some photos of Emma Watson.

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