Wednesday, February 4, 2015


And the snow fell this evening just as the weather report said would happen.  Yeah, I'll need to shovel the driveway, but the effort won't take too much time since the fallen snow was a very thin layer.  Still, a minimal of fallen snow is more than enough as reassurance that the Gentle Reader and I are not in danger of global warming.  I do believe in Global Warming and the dangers is not to be ignored.  I also believe that the human race will survive despite itself.  Once again, it's Liberal ideology to the rescue.  Once again, Conservatives is all about only helping the wealthy, raising hidden fees and other expenses to everybody else while reducing services that isn't needed by the wealthy.  And the longer Conservatives ignore the dangers of Global Warming, falling snow such as this Winter could become a thing of the past.  Once again, it's reassuring that I'm on the side of Liberalism which will benefit the survival of the human race.  Just a chance to preach on the soap box as I look out of the window at the falling snow.
And as I'm lost in thought after the snow fell from the sky, here are some photos of Emily Didonato.

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