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Nicole "Nikki" Houston Reed was born in West Los Angeles, California on May 17, 1988.  Her half Native American Indian from the Cherokee Tribe and half Caucasian Italian Christian mother Cheryl Houston was a beautician by profession.  Her Caucasian Jewish father Seth Reed was a set designer working in the Hollywood film industry.  Nathan August Reed was her older brother.  She doesn't remember the time when her parents were happily married because they divorced when she was two years old.  Her mother had primary custody of the two children with the father getting visitation rights.  Nikki Reed had trouble with both her mother and with school so she dropped out of school at age fourteen around the same time she moved out.  Her mother's close friendship with film director Catherine Hardwicke led to Nikki Reed getting casted in her debut film Thirteen.  Nikki Reed tried to attend school again, but her film role in the movie Thirteen led to being bullied and being screamed at by the parents of her classmates because of the behavior of the character she played in the film Thirteen.  Nikki Reed dropped out of school a second time and was homeschooled towards a homeschooled level of high school degree.   
She acted in five more movies until her friendship with film director Catherine Hardwicke led her to being casted as Rosalie Hale in all five installments of the blockbuster smash hit Twilight film series.  Nikki Reed rose to the ranks of being a huge A list film star and never once needed to look back.  She married Paul McDonald (A rock star who was ranked eighth place during the tenth season of American Idol) in 2011 and divorced him in 2014.   Nikki Reed continues to act in film to this exact moment of time.

 Nikki Reed and her Twilight film series costar Peter Facinelli
 Nikki Reed and Aaron Paul
 Nikki Reed, Jenna Dewan and Dawn Olivieri
 Nikki Reed, her mother Cheryl Houston, her father Seth Reed and her brother Nathan August Reed
 Nikki Reed and her father Seth Reed
 Nikki Reed and her brother Nathan August Reed

 Paul McDonald and his ex-wife Nikki Reed
 Nikki Reed

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