Thursday, September 8, 2016


So you, the Gentle Reader, has become hungry.  A mere salad won't do.  Perhaps something larger scale.  Perhaps baking a cake.  Oh yeah, baking a cake with six of your friends will do perfectly.  Then comes a crises.  An emergency.  Something that can't be delayed has arisen.  What should there to be done?  You can't attend to the cake baking because of the emergency.  You can't delay attending to the emergency because of the dire need of the emergency.  Six of your friends and you chose to keep the cake in the oven because it's figured that whatever the emergency is shouldn't take too long.  Right?  The emergency lasted longer than expected.  Six of your friends and you don't return to attend to the cake for the rest of the evening.  Great.  Wonderful.  Now the cake is burning in an oven that was left on and hasn't been turned off.  Perhaps somebody will wander in and turn off the oven for you.  Right?  Surely I'm right.  Who in their right minds would leave the cake in the oven, with the oven turned to bake and then vanish for the entire evening without turning off the oven or taking out the cake.  Dear Lord, what type of person are you?  Perhaps you should purchase your next cake from the store instead of attempting to bake something.  Just a thought to consider.
And as I'm lost in thought on a scorching hot Thursday afternoon, here are some photos of Selena Gomez.

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