Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Tommy Hilfinger was having a fashion show.  And among the fashion models hired to pose at the Tommy Hilfinger show was Gigi Hadid.  The half Caucasian and half Palestinian girl was overflowing with delight at the chance to model Tommy Hilfinger's clothing.  And upon entering the place where the fashion show was to take place, Gigi Hadid posed for photos both with Michele Lupi...
 ...As well as pose for photos on her own.  It didn't matter either way because Gigi was having a really good day and nothing was going to spoil it for her.

 After taking a break after rehearsing for the Tommy Hilfinger Fashion Show, Gigi chose to explore Milan, Italy where the fashion show was scheduled to take place.  And oh yes, Gigi enjoyed the city of Milan, Italy.  It was the city she most wanted to spend time in.

 Back to the Tommy Hilfinger Fashion Show in Milan, Italy.  Gigi Hadid dominated the Fashion Show catwalk with unapologetic ease.  All the women admired her and all the guys lusted over her.  And she enjoyed every second of it.  Why shouldn't she?  She was the toast of Milan, Italy.
 Even Tommy Hilfinger himself enjoyed having Gigi Hadid around.
 Former One Direction band member Zayn Malik only had eyes for Gigi Hadid.

Tabloid paparazzi journalist Vitalii Sediuk insisted on ruining everything for Gigi Hadid.  Vitalii grabbed Gigi from behind with the angry homicidal rage of either a man who hated Palestinians, he hated women or he was playing a joke.  Whatever the case, Vitalii grabbed Gigi from behind as if he wanted to kill the woman.

 Vitalii Sediuk picked Gigi Hadid from the ground and carried her in his two arms while Bella Hadid tried to rescue her sister Gigi.

 Bella Hadid finally rescued her sister Gigi Hadid from being carried off or from being tossed to the ground by Vitalii Sediuk. 
 Vitalii Sediuk ran off down the road with Gigi Hadid in close pursuit.  Gigi was a woman determined to either kill her attacker or get him arrested.  Either way was fine for Gigi Hadid.

 Gigi Hadid reunited with her sister Bella Hadid.
 Both of the Hadid Sisters entered their limousine.  When security finally spotted Vitalii Sediuk.  Gigi Hadid ordered security to either arrest or kill Vitalii Sediuk before he slips away a second time.  Bella Hadid looked on as her sister Gigi Hadid took control over the situation.
Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid entered their limousine as security grabbed Vitalii Sediuk.  The limousine drove off leaving Vitalii Sediuk to his final fate and destiny.

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