Friday, June 1, 2018


This is no longer a distant hypothetical situation fit only for a science fiction film about the aftermath of a Thermal Nuclear War against Russia, China and North Korea provoked by a rogue computer system gone psychotic.  The year 2018---The setting for the film Terminator Salvation is going on right now.  The Gentle Reader and I are officially halfway done with the year 2018.  And so far the first half of the year 2018 looks nothing like the film Terminator Salvation.  If the second half of the year 2018 continues to look nothing like the film Terminator Salvation then the Gentle Reader and I can officially say that Terminator Salvation failed to predict the political events of the year 2018 correctly.  And perhaps it's better that way.  Yeah, it won't be good for the Terminator film and television series franchise, but it's good for the entirety of the Human Race.  Humanity gets to survive to live another day.  And perhaps Humanity will continue to survive despite themselves.
And as I'm lost in thought in the Springtime as I remember that Summer is coming, here are some photos of Keri Russell.

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