Wednesday, December 16, 2015


In a way, it's kind of a shame that Columbus, Ohio is landlocked in every possible direction.  I'm no where nearby a giant sized lake nor am I close to an ocean nor a sea.  Therefore, I don't have the option to either swim in the giant sized lake, ocean or sea in either while I'm fully clothed or dressed in a swimming suit.  It's far better to swim in a swimming suit.  Still, there's always the option to go swimming in the indoor swimming pool.  Yeah, it's sixty degrees outside, but it's still too cold to use the outdoor swimming pool.  And besides, most of the outdoor swimming pools have already been closed down.  So the outdoor swimming pools wouldn't have been available to me even if I wanted the outdoor swimming pools to be available.  So perhaps I'll use the indoor swimming pool if I can scrape together enough money to make use of an indoor swimming pool.  It's an option to keep in mind for a later day.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, here are some photos of Amy Adams.

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