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Originally, the family consisted of Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter, his wife Teri Irwin and their daughter Bindi Irwin.  Bindi meant Young Girl in Aboriginal Australian---The original occupants of Australia before the arrival of British settlers.  The plight of the African originated Aboriginal Australian mirrored that of the Native American Indians in the United States.  Steve Irwin felt sympathetic to the plight of the African originated Aboriginal Australian which is why he picked an aboriginal word for his daughter's name.
 Then the family consisted of animal conservationist, star of an animal conservation television show and film actor Steve Irwin, his son Robert Irwin, his wife Teri Irwin and his daughter Bindi Irwin.
 Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006 at Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia while filming an animal conservation television show episode about stingrays.  Then the family consisted of Teri Irwin, her daughter Bindi Irwin and her son Robert Irwin.

 Then Bindi Irwin left Australia for New York City, New York, United States of America to compete on the reality television game show series Dancing with the Stars---The United States of America edition.  Her dancing instructor partner was...
...Derek Hough.  They turned out to be a really good pair.

 Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough were the winners of the 21st season of the United States of America edition of Dancing with the Stars.  They both won the Mirror Ball trophy.

 And after celebrating, it was almost time for Bindi Irwin to return home from her vacation in the United States to the country which she's a proud citizen of---Australia.  But first, one last look at the dance studio where Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin practiced their dance routines at.

 Chandler Powell was glad to be reunited with his girlfriend Bindi Irwin.

 Not to worry, Derek Hough visited Bindi Irwin when she returned home to Australia.
 Bindi Irwin was happy that she has returned home to Australia.

Robert Irwin was excited.  Bindi Irwin returned home to Australia at the same time that he's about to celebrate his twelfth birthday. 

 Robert was menaced by a fake dinosaur as part of his birthday party celebration at the Australia Zoo which the late Steve Irwin and Teri Irwin were co-owners of.  Bindi Irwin and her brother Robert Irwin are employees of the Australia Zoo.
 Ho ho ho.  Here comes Santa Claus. 
 Time for Santa Claus to feed the alligators.
 Bindi Irwin returns to work at the Australia Zoo helping the Australia Zoo patrons learn all about alligators.  Bindi Irwin loves working alongside her mother Teri Irwin.

 Time for Bindi Irwin to feed the alligators. 

 Ooops, Bindi Irwin almost fell into the alligator pit.  Thankfully, her mother Teri Irwin was around to help her out so that she won't fall into the alligator pit. 
 One more surprise for Robert Irwin.

 Time for Robert Irwin to feed the alligators.

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