Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The rain has fallen and then the rain stopped falling.  Now the rain has started falling again.  No thunder nor lightening.  Just rain.  The sky has been grey for the past two days with rain falling on and off for almost nearly the past two days.  Perhaps there will be sun tomorrow, but the rain will continue to fall today.  I'm inside the house looking through the second floor bedroom window.  And through the window, I see the rain falling.  I don't see much else in the afternoon rain storm beyond the falling rain.  Rain drops makes it's mark on the glass window as I type this sentence.  I took another quick look at the daytime lit rainstorm.  Still nothing.  No car can be found driving down the street.  No person can be found walking down the sidewalk.  I'm not sure who I'm looking for.  Perhaps I'm just looking out of the window for the sake of looking out of the window.  The rain is falling.  The rain continues to fall.  I'm comforted by the falling rain.
And as I'm lost in thought after the rain has fallen, here are some photos of Hannah Jeter (Formerly known as Hannah Davis).

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