Saturday, March 18, 2017


I don't know much about Jesse Jo Stark beyond the fact that she's friends with Bella Hadid.  She has two MP3 songs available for sale on  She's currently 23 years old and she lives in Los Angeles, California.  I saw the music video to one of her songs on and I was deeply impressed by her singing talent as well as her songwriting skills.  Jesse Jo Stark has lots of potential and I'm certain that you'll be seeing more of her in the future.  And as I await more songs to be released for sale on MP3, I shall watch the music video to her song Down Your Drain featuring an appearance from her buddy Bella Hadid.
Jesse Jo Stark continues to record new music and she continues to tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

 Isaac Carpenter, Jesse Jo Stark and Kirk Hellie
 Jesse Jo Stark

 Jesse Jo Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark
 Jesse Jo Stark and Lucille Stark Kall
 Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark and Atlanta de Cadenet

 Jesse Jo Stark and Bella Hadid

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