Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It's Springtime Gentle Reader and you know what that means.  Yeah, it's true that I'll be needing to mow the lawn.  I can't have people walking past or into the home that I'm living in and seeing a horrible mess.  Oh no, such a thing is unthinkable.  And this year, I'll be needing to be more committed to lawn mowing than ever before.  Because if I don't mow the lawn, then nobody else would.  And I don't want to grass to grow too long.  Maybe I'll let you play around with my lawnmower as if it were a toy when I'm finished mowing the lawn.  But you'll understand if I'd rather you treat a toy like a toy instead of treating my lawnmower like a toy.  What happens if you hurt yourself while playing with my lawnmower like a toy?  What happens if you break my lawnmower while playing with my lawnmower like a toy?  Perhaps I'll let you play with my lawnmower like a toy if I have more money at my disposal.  But lawnmowers isn't a toy and I'll need my lawnmower to mow the lawn with.  I'm not trying to be rude and I hope the Gentle Reader will understand.  Oh darn it, the Gentle Reader just chopped off a hand while playing with somebody else's lawnmower as if it were a toy.  Here comes the ambulance.  Gosh darn the luck.
And as I'm lost in thought during the opening days of Springtime, here are some photos of Alexa Chung.

 Alexa Chung and Matthew Hitt

 Alexa Chung

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