Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Will there be happiness in the future.  It would be nice to think that there will be happiness in the future.  I mean, why wouldn't there be happiness in the future.  I never committed any crimes.  I never abused anybody.  I don't get drunk nor do I use any drugs.  So why wouldn't there be any happiness in my future?  Well, happiness in the future doesn't arrive on it's own.  You need to work towards it.  You need to struggle towards a happier future each and everyday.  And sometimes you need to prove that you deserve a happy ending as well.  Don't let other folks define your future for you.  Define your own future in your own terms.  And with effort, you might succeed in getting the future being done in your own terms.
And as I'm lost in thought about being lost in thought, here are some photos of Katie Holmes.

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