Saturday, April 22, 2017


Well, we always knew that it was going to be evening sooner or later.  We always knew that night was going to happen.  It wasn't going to be daytime forever.  Yeah, we would like the daytime to stay forever.  But the way the Earth rotates, nighttime is unavoidable.  You can struggle against the inevitability of night all you want, but all the struggling will be in vain.  Night will come.  And in this case, night has already arrives.  So what happens now is what happens now that night has arrived.  And now that night has arrived, the fun really begins.  I always enjoyed it when the fun really begins.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night in the Springtime, here are some photos of Faye Brookes (Who plays the role of Kate Connor on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) daytime soap opera series Coronation Street.

 Runner up for season one of the BBC talent show competition series Pop Idol (England's version of American Idol) Gareth Gates and Faye Brookes
 Faye Brookes

 Joe Wicks and Faye Brookes
 Faye Brookes

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