Monday, April 10, 2017


Here are some fun things to do at the airport.
1.  Take more photos of a famous celebrity than you could possibly need.  Never mind the fact that you would never do such a thing to a person who isn't famous.  Bonus points for chasing a celebrity across half of the width of the airport while constantly taking photos of them without permission.  Never mind the fact that you would never act that way to somebody who isn't famous either.
2.  Book an airplane flight and then see if anybody will pay you $800.00 not to actually board the flight because it was overbooked.  Hey, easy money is easy money.  Of course, this would be a futile gesture if the airplane ticket costs $800.00 (or possibly more than $800.00).  Then you'll need to ask for a much larger financial compensation. 
3.  See if there are any acrobats, musicians or other forms of entertainment if there are long lines at the Airport Security Checkpoint and/or delayed and/or canceled flights.
4.  Only go to the airport to eat at one of the restaurants.  Of course, you could eat in a restaurant anywhere.  Still, the airport might have a really neat restaurant.  Still, there are restaurants a lot closer with larger meals at a better value.
5.  Have a Soon-To-Be-Arrested Friend film you mailing a scary 161 page manifesto to President Donald Trump, steal more guns than you could possibly need and wonder why the Secret Service Agency is hounding you halfway across the country with larger than normal Police Force Dragnets.  Never mind the fact that you would never act like that to somebody who isn't famous.  Or rather, I hope you never act like that to somebody who isn't famous. 
6.  Watch the films Airplane and Airport in the DVD disk drive at the airport and see how long it takes for Security to drag you out of the building for creeping everybody out.
7.  Stay at home and watch the films Airplane and Airport on DVD.
And as I'm lost in thought during the Springtime, here are some photos of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson.

 Jessica Simpson

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