Thursday, September 17, 2015


Sandra Bullock and Dwayne Humpty's romantic date at a nearby McDonalds was followed by a drive down the street to a boxing gym several bocks from the McDonald's Restaurant and between the Wendy's Restaurant and the Burger King Restaurant and close to the Dollar General Store.  Sandra took a look around as Dwayne Humpty turned on the lights and produced three Coca Cola's from the nearby vending machine.  One of the Coca Cola cans was given to Sandra.
Sandra Bullock:  I'm actually under contract to drink Pepsi, but thanks.  I guess it's safe to drink Coca Cola since there's nobody around here.  Why are we in a boxing gym?
Dwayne Humpty:  I want to challenge you to a dare?
Sandra Bullock:  What type of dare?
Dwayne Humpty:  Dwyane Dumpty believes that I won't be able to knock you out with only three punches in the stomach and a kick in the stomach.  If I succeed in knocking you out with only three punches in the stomach and a kick in the stomach, then I win the bet.  If I fail to knock you out with three punches in the stomach and a kick in the stomach, then Dayne Dumpty wins the bet.
Sandra Bullock:  Dwayne Humpty and Dwayne Dumpty could form a business partnership.  You can call the business partnership Humpty and Dumpty Wall Construction Business. 
Dwayne Humpty:  I can't win the bet until I punch you in the stomach and kick you in the stomach.
Sandra punched Dwayne Humpty in the stomach three times and she kicked him in the stomach once.  Dwayne Humpty doubled over in pain and fell to the floor.  Sandra calmly drank her can of Coke as she kicked him five more times as he lay doubled over in pain.
Sandra Bullock:  I guess this is the end of our romantic date.  What a shame.  And I was enjoying the time we spent at both McDonalds and at this goddamn filthy looking boxing gym.  Bye.  Thanks for nothing you damn jerk.
Sandra Bullock kicked Dwayne Humpty ten more times as he lay doubled over in pain.  Sandra exited the boxing gym and took the taxi cab back to the hotel room that she was staying at.

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