Friday, September 18, 2015


It's easy to feel overwhelming enthusiasm about today.  It almost feels as if everything that happened this year culminates today.  I'm not sure how such a thing will occur.  Specific details isn't known to me.  However, specific details will fall into place when such details become known to me.  I have such a huge feeling of optimism about today, that watching specific details fall into place on their own accord is unavoidable.  So what will happen when everything culminates today?  I don't know that either.  I'm not really sure what the end result of the end game is supposed to be.  Nor do I know what type of world I'm aiming for the creation of.  We don't need to know what type of world we're working towards.  We only need to know that the world we're working towards is cooler than the world we're in right now.  And witnessing the creation of a world cooler than the world we're in right now makes all the hard work and labor worth while.  Yeah, some people have accused me of being vague and I talk like this every day (Which is one day too many).  It's not really a case of being vague.  Specific details is merely being kept secret from me until such a time that I'm finally told the whole story.  And the telling of the whole story is just around the corner.  Holy heck, time for another shocking plot twist which makes no sense, doesn't match the rest of the story and is never explained by anyone.  Such bizarre shocking plot twists is something that I live for each and everyday.
And as I'm lost in thought on a calm Friday afternoon, here are some photos of Miranda Kerr.

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