Sunday, September 20, 2015


Gentle Reader, the Autumn season is coming tomorrow with the September Equinox regardless of our state of preparation.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking Gentle Reader.  You're wondering why the Autumn season isn't already here.  Doesn't Autumn come on the first day of September.  Well, popular opinion appears to be heading in that direction.  Sadly, the September Equinox begs to differ.  And so the actual start of Autumn is tomorrow.  Not that it will make any difference because the weather outside will be much closer to that of Summer.  Or rather, it will feel like Summer for the entire first half of Autumn.  And that will come to a delight to those who enjoy the great outdoors.  And so continues the change of the seasons as Summer 2015 draws to a close to allow the Autumn season to begin with gusto.
And as I'm lost in thought a few hours away from the September Equinox, here are some photos of Gigi Hadid.

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