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She won beauty pageants before becoming a huge mega-superstar household name Bollywood actress.  She has performed in between forty-nine to fifty-three Bollywood film productions between 2002 and 2016.  And after becoming a huge mega celebrity icon in her native homeland India and the rest of the Arab World, Middle Eastern born actress Priyanka Chopra is ready to star in her first ever English language film production.  In the American Broadcast Company (ABC) television series Quantico, Priyanka Chopra plays the role of FBI recruit Alex Parrish.  Alex Parrish tried to prevent the worst terrorist attack against New York City, New York since September 11 and failed.  And now she's the lead suspect of the terrorist attack.  Without actual evidence, the FBI based their accusation on the fact that Alex Parrish is a Muslim Middle Easterner and nothing else.  So now Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish must become a fugitive from the law as she seeks the actual terrorist who actually committed the crime with her former FBI employers and co-workers seeking her arrest for a terrorist crime that she didn't commit.  And so begins the first English language film production of Priyanka Chopra's career.
Priyanka Chopra

 Kerry Washington, Mike Epps and Priyanka Chopra

 Kerry Washington and Priyanka Chopra

 A portion of the cast of Quantico:  Jake McLaughlin (Ryan Booth), Priyanka Chopra (Alex Parrish), Graham Rogers (Caleb Haas), Yasmine Al Massri (Nimah Anwar) and Tate Ellington (Simon Asher).
  Priyanka Chopra

 Yasmine Al Massri

 Quantico Executive producer Mark Gordon, Priyanka Chopra and Quantico writer/executive producer Joshua Safran

 Quantico Executive producer Mark Gordon and Priyanka Chopra
 Priyanka Chopra and Quantico writer/executive producer Joshua Safran
 Priyanka Chopra

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