Thursday, September 17, 2015


 Starbuck's Barista stood in line waiting to use the ATM.  Kate Hudson was directly in front of her.  She was talking on her cell phone as she worked the ATM.
Kate Hudson:  Yeah, I know.  Isn't it cool.  Oh yeah, I agree.  I know.  Yes.  It's true.  Magnificent.  I can't agree with you more.  Yes, it might be true.  Corn.  Yeah.  Wonderful.
Starbuck's Barista:  Can you hurry it up a bit more lady?  I'm in a hurry.
Kate Hudson:  And I'm on the telephone.  Which do you think is more important?  Hello.
Kate Hudson finished with her ATM task, but she still stood in front of the ATM talking on her cell phone with the Starbuck's Barista patiently standing behind her.
Kate Hudson:  Yeah, I know.  Balloons are fun.  Mop.  Yeah.  I could laugh all day.  What?  Airplanes and sponges?  Perhaps.  We'll see.  Yeah.  Ok.  Yeah.  Perfect.  Yeah.  Cool.  Maybe.
Starbuck's Barista:  Come on lady, I'm in a hurry. 
Kate Hudson:  Do you mind?  I'm talking on the telephone.  Damn you're rude.
Kate Hudson returned her attention to her cell phone.
Kate Hudson:  Yeah, I know.  Yeah.  I know.  Yes, I know.  I knew all of that.  I would've known that.  I'll know that sometime later.  Yeah, we could.  We should.  We might.  Yeah.  Ok.
Kate Hudson spun around to the Starbuck's Barista.
Kate Hudson:  Do you mind?  It's rude to listen to a cell phone conversation.
Starbuck's Barista:  I'm not listening to your cell phone conversation.  I'm waiting to use the ATM.
Kate Hudson:  Well, go somewhere else.  Damn your rude.
The Starbuck's Barista walked off as Kate Hudson returned to her cell phone conversation.
Kate Hudson:  Yeah, I know.  Wonderful.  Perfect.  We should.  Yeah.  Ok.  Yeah.
Kate Hudson vanished from view as the Starbuck's Barista turned a corner and continued his search for another nearby ATM machine.

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