Friday, April 8, 2016


Is it still raining out there?  It was raining in the small portion of Columbus, Ohio that I'm living in a few minutes ago.  It was the type of rain mixed with border-line Winter cold that cuts through the lightest jacket which isn't water proof.  It's so much better to be dressed in a waterproof coat that's suitable for Winter weather.  And yes, I shall be wearing a Winter coat outside when it's cold outside.  Why wouldn't I wear a Winter coat when it's cold outside.  It's too cold to be lightly dressed.  Using an umbrella is often an exercise in futility because a strong wind will only blow the umbrella inside out.  And to prevent the umbrella from being blown inside out is to position the umbrella sideways to such a degree as to render the umbrella pretty much useless.  But right now, I'm going to stay indoors so I can watch the freezing falling rain from the indoors.  It's better to enjoy the falling rain from inside the house.
And as I'm lost in thought during the opening days of Spring, here are some photos of Kate Upton.

 MLB hall of famer Rickey Henderson, Kate Upton, Greg Grunberg, Nick Jonas and former MLB player Rollie Fingers
Kate Upton

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