Wednesday, April 6, 2016


This morning, I was informed that it was going to rain in the afternoon.  And so I only had the morning hours to pull dandelion weeds from the front and back lawn all the way down to zero before the rain started to fall.  Last week, there was so much dandelion weeds, that I carried out three buckets of dandelion weed waste into the trash can.  Today, there was so few dandelion weeds, that I carried out one bucket of dandelion weed waste.  So the dandelion weeds that grew to replace the dandelion weeds that were ripped from the ground is getting fewer and fewer.  And what once took the entire afternoon last week only took two hours this week.  And then the rain fell.  But by then, the dandelion weed replacements were also gone.  And I got to enjoy the thunderstorm rain with the knowledge that the dandelion weeds isn't infecting my front nor back lawn.  Oh happy day.  Oh happy day indeed.
And as I'm lost in thought after a cold Springtime rainstorm, here are some photos of Sophie Turner.


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