Friday, April 29, 2016


With the breakup of Minor Alps (She also recorded albums under the rock group name of Blakes Babies and Some Girls), Juliana Hatfield has reformed the Juliana Hatfield Three for the first time in twenty-two years.  Yeah, that's a long time to go without recording an album.  But when the Juliana Hatfield Three broke up twenty-two years ago, that lead to a co-ed Blake's Babies revival which broke up and lead to recording two albums with the all girl band called Some Girls before the chance to record the first and only Minor Alps album came along.  So now it's back to the Juliana Hatfield Three for Juliana Hatfield.  And with the release of her newest album, Juliana Hatfield is ready to go on tour yet again.
Juliana Hatfield, Todd Philips and Dean Fisher
 Juliana Hatfield

 Todd Philips
 Dean Fisher
 Juliana Hatfield

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