Thursday, May 5, 2016


It all started on March 9, 2009 and so far has lasted for eight seasons.  And through rumors that the show is about to be canceled, the latest episode of Castle entitled Crossfire puts one of televisions most enjoyed and most appreciated police procedural television shows even further on the endangered lists.  For all eight seasons, the show has been anchored by Homicide Detective turned Police Captain Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic) and best selling novelist turned Police Station Consultant also called Private Investigator also called Bounty Hunter Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion).  A recurring subplot throughout the eight seasons involved Senator Bracken's murder of Homicide Detective turned Police Station Captain Kate Beckett's legal attorney mother Johanna Beckett (After William H. Bracken, aka The Dragon botched a mobster kidnapping investigation involving corrupt cops, he stole the random money meant to settle the kidnapping to be used for his run for the United States Senate after he was fired from his job as District Attorney) in what was commonly called the LokStat Mystery.  District Attorney turned Senator William H. Bracken, aka The Dragon may have been stabbed to death by the mafia in his prison cell, but his accomplice hasn't been found yet.  And with Stana Katic planning to leave the show at the end of the eighth season, the only way the husband wife team of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett can be broken up would be if Kate Beckett is murdered solving the LokState Mystery once and for all.  So here we have the last stand before she dies of Kate Beckett against the evil legacy of the deceased former District Attorney turned Senator William H. Bracken, aka The Dragon.

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