Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The biggest surprise was that Morgan Smith Goodwin was born a natural blonde.  She was born in Cullman, Alabama on August 18, 1985.  Born and raised a southern girl, she stayed in the state that she was born and raised in when she attended Birmingham–Southern College located in Birmingham, Alabama.  Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Theater at Birmingham-Southern College, Morgan Smith relocated to New York City to start her career as an actress.  She married Gramercy Tavern manager Dave Goodwin which legally changed her name from Morgan Smith to Morgan Smith Goodwin.  She appeared in a 2012 Boardwalk Empire episode Milkmaid's Lot and she played Candi Caruso for four episodes in the 2016 season of Veep.  However, Morgan Smith Goodwin's best known role was playing the role of Red---The spokeswoman for Wendy's Restaurant in a series of television commercials promoting the fast food restaurant chain.  A natural blonde since birth, Morgan Smith Goodwin dyed her hair red for the Wendy's Restaurant commercials.  That's necessary because the mascot for Wendy's Restaurant is a little redhead girl with pigtails.  I guess Morgan Smith Goodwin was performing as the grownup version of the Wendy's Restaurant mascot.


 Morgan Smith Goodwin playing the girlfriend role in a Jake Owen music video.

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