Sunday, April 10, 2016


For those who are impatient, there's nothing to give to ease the impatience because the information is vague and behind the scenes photos are almost non-existent.  But Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown will be released on December 2017.  Until this happens, Mark Hamill released a photo on his twitter account which became an instant meme.  But first, this is the inspiration for such a photo.
 Luke Skywalker (Played by Mark Hamill) used to be the Jedi Knight apprentice to Jedi Knight Master Yoda.  When Jedi Knight Master Yoda died, Luke Skywalker replaced Yoda as the Jedi Knight Master.  And now Rey (Played by Daisy Ridley) has become the Jedi Knight Apprentice to Jedi Knight Master Luke Skywalker.  Hence the instant memes associated with this original photo outside the studios where some of the green screen effects for Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown was being filmed in.

Oh yeah, and happy twenty-fourth birthday to Daisy Ridley who was born on April 10, 1992.
The British Royal Family paid a visit to the United Kingdom based Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown set.  Prince William and Prince Harry even filmed scenes where they got to play evil Storm Troopers working for Sith Lord Master Supreme Leader Snoke and Sith Lord Apprentice Kylo Ren.
Though it's too early to know if Queen Elizabeth II's grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry as evil Galactic Empire employed Storm Troopers will remain in the final cut of Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown.  Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Daisy Ridley as Rey and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca was also present for the Hollywood acting debut of Prince William and his brother Prince Harry as super-villain Storm Troopers.
Benicio del Toro is also involved in Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown as a Galactic Empire supporting villain named Lord Vikram, but it isn't known if he's an army officer or a Sith Lord Apprentice.  It isn't known if Lord Vikram is replacing Kylo Ren or working alongside Kylo Ren or working for Kylo Ren. 

 Oh the wonderful people that you meet, when you're walking down the street in Star Wars land.
Spring cleaning on the Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown set.

Rumored filming set for Star Wars Episode VIII---Title Unknown
 Black Storm Troopers in a scene from Star Wars:  Rogue One to be released December 2016.

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