Sunday, November 13, 2016


No need to worry about dandelion weeds.  It's too cold for dandelion weeds to be growing.  So there is no need to spend the day yanking out dandelion weeds by the bucket full since the Autumn chill makes dandelion weed growth impossible.  So relax everybody.  Lower the guard.  Lower defenses.  The dandelion weed problem is over.  The dandelion weed problem is finished.  Yes, Summer 2017 is only a few months away.  And yes, there will be dandelion weed problems to deal with then, but not in the Autumn.  Autumn is the chance to relax and enjoy the non-existent dandelion weed presence throughout the front and back lawn.  So bring out the garden rake and start raking leaves to finish the lawn maintenance with a happy ending.  Then celebrate because you earned it.
And as I'm lost in thought during the Autumn chill, here are some photos of Hailey Baldwin.

 Stephen Baldwin and his daughter Hailey Baldwin

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