Sunday, November 20, 2016


Perhaps today will build gradually into something huge.  Or perhaps today will build rapidly into something huge.  Or perhaps today will become just another ordinary day.  It's still early in the morning.  I'm still waiting for the first light of day to emerge.  So it's still too early to know what type of day today will become.  So it's up to me if today will be something positive or negative.  Yeah, there might be some religion mixed up in this.  But if I choose to ignore religion, then that's a choice that I made.  And if I choose to incorporate religion, then that's also a choice that I made.  So in the end, it's all up to choice that I'm going to make today.  And with luck, the choices that I make today will be the type of choices that will benefit the greater whole of the entire community.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Katherine Waterston.

 Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne

 Katherine Waterston

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