Monday, November 21, 2016


I brewed some coffee and very soon I will drink from it.  It's still morning and soon will be afternoon.  The daylight is delightful and soothing.  I would enjoy the sunlight outdoors, but it's sort of cold outside.  Yeah, I could wear a coat before stepping outdoors and perhaps I will do so on a later time today.  Right now, I'm enjoying a steaming mug of coffee as I look outside the window.  And there's nothing much going on in the suburbs.  Not that I was expecting something to happen.  If something were to happen, it would be better if the something happening was of a positive nature.  And perhaps something of a positive nature will happen as I enjoy a steaming mug of coffee.  It's daytime Gentle Reader.  We shall enjoy the daytime together.
And as I'm lost in thought while enjoying a chef salad, here are some photos of Lucy Kate Hale.

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