Sunday, November 6, 2016


Kira looked at the Jerk and said, "So I understand that you raped a girl."
The Jerk said, "Yes, it's true.  I raped a girl."
Kira said, "You raped a thirteen year old girl."
The Jerk said, "Yes, it's true.  I raped a thirteen year old girl."
Kira said, "The Store you committed the rape crime in took an entire week to decide if they should press charges.  It only took you a week to vanish into a brand new town, change your name, change your physical appearance and make yourself impossible to find."
The Jerk said, "It's wonderful that the store was so indecisive."
Kira said, "I wanted to know if I got the right person."
The Jerk said, "Why did you need to know if you got the right person."
Kira said, "The Family of the Thirteen Year Old Rape Victim requested that I fix the problem now."
A bunch of women descended upon the Jerk and started to beat the crap out of the fool.  The Jerk had both arms broken, he had both legs broken and he was left in traction for longer than he would've preferred.  You can run, but you can never escape the long arm of the law.
And as I'm lost in thought during the early days of Autumn, here are some photos of Kira Kosarin.

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