Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Oh what fun it is to take a walk through the public park.  Oh what fun it is to explore nature.  Yeah, it's close to Winter, but the outside temperature isn't too cold.  It's the type of weather that's perfect for the use of a light jacket and that's it.  So yeah, there's nothing wrong with the use of a light jacket when venturing outside.  There's nothing wrong with such a thing.  Go ahead and have fun.  Unspoiled nature offers such fun delights.  It's delightful to walk among the trees, to stroll along the river and slowly cross the bridge stretched over a river.  And stand halfway across the bridge to look down at the river as it slowly flows below you.  Ah yes, such fun.  Such delight.  Unspoiled nature has so much to offer for those willing to partake in such delights.
And as I'm lost in thought during the calm hours of the afternoon, here are some photos of Joelle Carter.

Jeananne Goossen

 Peter Shinkoda and Jeananne Goossen

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