Thursday, May 11, 2017


Was the past better than the present?  Or was the present better than the past.  Past technology wasn't nearly as good as current technology.  Current technology is better than past technology.  That much can't be disputed.  If the Internet and laptop computers were available when I was a teenager in the 1980's, my life back in the 1980's would've been different and certainly better.  But some people claim that the politics of the past was better than the politics of the present.  But then, civil rights legislation and gender equality legislation that we take for granted today wasn't available in the 1950's.  And to say that the 1950's was better than today is to say some questionable things about current civil rights and gender equality legislation.  And from my opinion, the present is better than the past.  We're always evolving into something different.  And hopefully, we're evolving into something better instead of evolving into something worse.
And as I'm lost in thought in the Springtime, here are some photos of Bella Thorne.

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