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Allison Wolfe was born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 9, 1969.  The Wolfe Family didn't stay there long and eventually relocated to Olympia, Washington.  Alison Wolfe grew up in Olympia, Washington with her identical twin sister Cindy and her other sister Molly.  Her mother, Pat Shively, was a radical feminist who founded and worked at Olympia's Eastside Women's Health Clinic (Established in 1981).  The Olympia's Eastside Women's Health Clinic was controversial because it performed abortions among other women related health clinic cures.  Not much is known about their father who divorced while the Wolfe Sisters were children. 
Alison Wolfe was a foreign exchange student in Krathum Baen, Thailand on 1988.  Upon returning to the United States, she first attended The Evergreen State College and later University of Oregon, but it's not known if she ever graduated either school.  The need to be a rock star was louder than the need to earn a degree that could actually earn an income. 
Together with another University of Oregon student Molly Neuman, Alison Wolfe formed the punk rock band Bratmobile.  Originally, Bratmobile was a two girl punk rock band.  Later, the group expanded into a quartet including musician, zine editor and artist Jen Smith and future Slant 6 and Autoclave member Christina Billotte.  That version of Bratmobile recorded the debut album Bratmobile DC (Which is no longer in circulation) on 1991.  Then the punk rock band Bratmobile returned to being a duet in 1992 consisting of Molly Neuman and Alison Wolfe.  It's around that time that Bethesda, Maryland originated guitarist Erin Smith joined Bratmobile and the band became a trio.  Bratmobile released an album in 1993 and an EP in 1994 before breaking up. 
Molly Nueman became a corporate executive working at Lookout Records!  Alison Wolfe and Erin Smith formed the punk rock band Cold Cold Heart with Nattles and Katherine Brown.  The band released a 7" single as well as a full length album in 1996 and 1997 before disbanding.  Meanwhile, Molly Neuman joined the punk rock band The Frumpies which consisted of Tobi Vail, Bikini Kill guitarist Kathi Wilcox, and Billy Karren.  The Frumpies released a 7" single in 1993.  Then she dropped out of the Frumpies to join the punk rock band the The PeeChees with Carlos Cañedo, Christopher Appelgren, Rop Vasquez which released an album on 1996, a second album in 1997 and a greatest hits collection in 1998.  Molly Neuman then rejoined the Frumpies for a second 7" single on 1998, a full length album on 1999 and their final 7" on 2000 before breaking up.
Alison Wolfe, Erin Smith and Molly Neuman reformed Bratmobile on the year 2000 to release an album on 2000 and their final album on 2002 before breaking up. 
Alison Wolfe formed the punk rock band Partyline with Angela Melkisethian (The Hell Mutts, Hott Beat, The Savage Boys and Girls Club, Troll Tax), drummer Crystal Bradley and touring drummer Gene Vincent Melkisethian  (The Hell Mutts, The Savage Boys and Girls Club, No Justice).  Partyline released an EP on 2005, a full length album in 2006 and a 7" single in 2009 before breaking up.  Alison Wolfe then formed a punk rock band Sex Stains with David Orlando, Sharif Dumani, Francisco "Pachy" Garcia, and Mecca Vazie Andrews.  The band released their debut album in 2016.  Alison Wolfe continues to record music and tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

Cold Cold Hearts

The Frumpies

The PeeChees


The Sex Stains

Corin Tucker and Erin Smith

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